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Daytrips around Amsterdam


Cycling Waterland

The wonderful countryside around Amsterdam


Just three miles from the centre of Amsterdam you will find a completely different world of tranquillity and peace. The countryside of Amsterdam with its many little lakes, small tracks on the dykes and wonderful little old towns and villages is a true dream for cyclists and lovers of nature and history.

Club Gerrit takes you along the most authentic parts of this country where time seems to stand still. You can join a small group of cyclists (max.10) and enjoy the peaceful nature and the interesting history of the area while your host shows you the best parts and tells all about it. 

Enjoy your lunch in  Monnickendam, Marken or Holysloot depending the length of your trip (35, 50 or 65 km = 22, 34 and 44 miles). You will not only see a lot more than when you go by bus, you also experience the landscape with all your sences.

Visit the most beautiful village of Holland: Broek in Waterland

Ride around the former Island of Marken

The best way to experience Holland

Cycle along with Club Gerrit

€ 50 pp

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